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Lawmakers try to include Nolensville in the road plans of MPO

Various state legislators tried to include the Nolensville area as part of the MPO road plan for this year. Senator Jim Bryson and Representative Glen Casada have asked the MPO (Metro Planning Organization) to try to include the roads of the town of Nolensville as part of their road planning for this year.

The MPO is currently already trying to plan ahead for long-term road development for the Williamson County area. However, plans for the town of Nolensville’s road have not been included in any kind of details on the MPO’s current road plans.

The roads in Nolensville have not been faring well over the past several years. Many residents in the town of Nolensville have noted that the roads of the area are not as good as they should be. Potholes and various road damages litter the roads in Nolensville. So the MPO is being pressured to include repair as part of their long-range road plans.

New Judicialcenter opening draws in crowds

Hundreds of people crowded together to view the opening ceremony for the brand-new Williamson County Judicial Center. The ribbon cutting event was marked by extremely cold weather. The temperature dropped to as low as 90 degrees Fahrenheit, in the snow. Yet the cold temperature did not stop the people from wanting to attend the opening ceremony for the Judicial Center in Williamson.

Despite temperatures nearing 90 degrees yesterday afternoon, several hundred people gathered to witness the ribbon cutting at the new Williamson County Judicial Center.

The Judicial Center is located in the Franklin area, on the 4th Avenue South. It just steps away from the southwest corner of Franklin Square. The completion of the new judicialcenter has been plagued with a lot of problems over the years. From legislation blocking it to the lack of funding, it seemed as if the building would never have been completed. Finally, however, the new judicial center was opened

Police were on-site at the opening ceremony to control the crowd of hundreds of people. There were at least several dozen police that helped redirect traffic away from the location of the ribbon cutting ceremony. The police were also there to help manage the crowd as well.

Summer reading programs offered at Bethesda Library!

For those that love visiting the library, the Bethesda Library will be holding a lot of summer reading programs for its visitors. There is a lot to look forward to in the new Bethesda Library summer programs. One of the summer events that the library is going to hold is the book it across American reading event. This event will feature novels and books that are written by various writers from different states across the country. And participants in the event will also be able to win prizes by winning some of the reading challenges. In addition to the games and events that will be held by Bethesda Library, special guests are also announced to be invited as part of the library’s summer event.