South Western Style Rugs for Wonderful Home Décor

Southwestern rugs will give your home some wonderful styles and designs like the rustic, North American and western patterns. Many people now use this product for their home design and due to this; many home decorators prefer buying these southwestern rugs via the internet.  You can use western accent rugs and also south western style rugs in different areas in your home or when using a rustic or western theme to decorate a log cabin, southwestern rugs will make your home look attractive and eye-catching and will give it a genuine Native American look.

When buying American Indian style rugs, there are many rugs to select from and you will definitely want to add the most popular and fashionable ones to beautify your home. Native American has incorporated the use of rugs into their culture and this has become part of their life. This is definitely a great way of making your house look attractive and appealing.

One of the major features of south western style rugs is its wonderful texture, but this is not only the feature that makes it look attractive, but the expertise and tedious work involved in producing Native rugs and runners is also very inspiring. Highly skilled weavers were the ones who produce these hand woven wool rugs.They have to kneel in front of an erect wooden-framed loom so as to weave the rugs. A shuttle is then used to weave various colored yarn together, making a large complex design.

In past years, the hand-spun cotton thread was the material used to weave Navajo rugs and some other Southwest Indian tribes’ rugs. Nevertheless, the invention of wool made from domestic sheep by Spanish settlers made people use wool in creating colorful rugs and other old-style weaving.

Lots of modern south western style rugs are produced from some areas where there is a fusion of Spanish and Native American cultures. South west rugs have some exciting features like rich earth colors and old-style southwestern designs. All these features make it a suitable choice for rustic home design.