SmokeGears: Find Out Which Barbecue Smoker is the Perfect Choice for You

If you have thought of moving to the next level and take the bull by the horn to do some real barbecue cooking, then you should consider acquiring a “real” barbecue smoker cooker so that you can produce some quality barbecue product. According to the professionals at SmokeGears, there are 3 basic styles of barbecue smokers. These three various styles of barbecue smokers come in different designs. The various styles are offset, vertical and kettle type.

Offset style: This is what majority people think off when they create the picture of a barbecue smoker in their mind. Basically, this design has two features.  It comes with a firebox positioned at the other side of the wood fire, and a smoking (or cooking) chamber where the meat is cooked and placed on racks. Usually, these cookers come with a chimney located on one end, placed at the other side of the cooker and the heat is circulated in the cooking chamber to enter into the meat and flow out of the chimney. That is how the meat gets that wonderful smoky flavor.

Vertical style: These are designed to look like a rectangular box type device with a door in the front. It has a size similar to that of a small refrigerator. The fire is generated at the bottom of the box, there is usually a water pan located at the top of the fire to increase the moisture of the meat, and there are numerous wire racks that sit comfortably in the smoke chamber on the top of the water pan. The meat sits horizontally on the upper parts of those racks. The smoke and heat are circulated through the box, and also heat up the meat. The rising smoke is what produces the delicious taste of real smoked barbecue.

Kettle style: Majority of backyard grill masters already utilize one of these. In fact, most made use of two. This particular grill was made popular by the Weber Company. It can be used to produce real barbecue by utilizing the indirect cooking technique with the addition of fuel that will produce smoking effects.