Localiser un portable Gratuitement – How to find your lost smartphone

You just lost your phone. This happens to all of us, you could feel it in your pocket just some minutes ago nut it suddenly disappeared, probably lost to phone fairies, left in between the seat of your couch or lost somewhere in the midst of your busy schedule. Luckily, there are several ways to localiser un portable gratuitement. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, that operates on iOS, Windows or Android, there’s a good chance that it already has the software needed to locate it or there’s an app that you can install to help get your phone.

Here’s a simple means on how you could locate your phone or similar devices, including the outdated method if you still use the old flip phone.

If the phone you lost is a smartphone, all of the three major smartphone platform providers (Google, Apple, and Microsoft) are bestowed with phone retrieval technologies in them, just in the event that your phone is stolen and the “find my phone app” is not yet downloaded. Typically, the app works through the account that the phone is linked with. For example, Android devices are linked with their Google account, iPhone devices are linked with their Apple accounts and Windows phones are linked with their Microsoft account. All these three phone models allow you to slightly wipe and lock your phone, make it ring and also set up specific messages to notify who finds it

Obviously, these characteristics will largely depend on the battery life of your phone. If your smartphone dies, looking for your phone will be like looking for a wallet or something you lost.

We also advise that you take great care when talking with the person who found your smartphone. Try to not give out any of your personal details like your residential address, until you are sure you are talking to a trustworthy person. Don’t go beyond sending your email addresses and phone numbers to speak to the person on you to return your phone.