Final Fantasy a New Empire Cheats and Tips

Few mobile games are as popular as Final Fantasy. This game promises to educate you in so many areas, thus it is important that you consider final fantasy a new empire cheats, tricks and tips. The only con to the Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is that it does have any cheat incorporated in it, unlike other mobile games. If you are interested in having cheats for this game, you will have to acquire a hack.

However, we will go over some tricks and tips that may assist you on your adventure with this great mobile game.

In this mobile game, the expansion of a personal empire is solely in the hands of the players, thus by constructing various defenses and buildings that will assist in invading armies, fending off other players and conquering other cities.

There are a number of menus and structures to navigate and in most case, locating some places can be very tedious.

Focus more on the treasury

One of the guaranteed ways of making money is by constructing a treasury and then have gold deposited, just so you can earn 10% interest for every two hours it stays in your treasury. This tip is useful when you are in need of increasing your current gold amount.

Stack Up On Timed Quests

This effort does not actually need any effort other than you beginning the quest and waiting for a certain period. This makes them valuable, so it is advised that you have them queued.

Your Best Bet is your Resource Cache

Resources tend to be very rare as you progress through the different levels. It is advised that you seek resources caches continuously.

Grab your Secret Gift

For every 15 minutes, you will find a secret gift at the bottom of the screen. It can be redeemed by simply clicking, and it is free. In some cases, it is advised that you log in more often to take advantage of this excellent feature.

The trick to Loyalty

In order to gain loyalty you have to complete quests more often and have brawls with monsters. This tends to help in the long run.