Events to expect in Williamson County

For the whole month of June, there is a lot to look forward to in Williamson County. The Williamson County Review Appeal has collected all of the relevant events that the readers of this paper may be interested in. The dates and venues of these events are going to be listed in sequential order. So scroll down if you would like to see any of the later events that will be held in June. Here are some events to look forward to in June of this year.

From the 4th of June all the way to August, sculptor Lucky DeBelleveue, will be showcasing her pipe cleaner sculptures, at Cheekwood. The title of her exhibit will be “The Rabbit Goes in Hole”. Interested people may check out her exhibit at the Cheekwood Art Museum.

A secret garden tour to be held at Murfreesboro will be held from the fifth to sixth of June. This garden tour of the Murfreesboro area will also include the gardens of at least ten homes. This tour is going to be noteworthy due to the fact that historic homes in the Triune community will also be included as well. This tour is going to be hosted by the Heritage Foundation of the Williamson County. This is the 28th year in a row wherein the Town and County Tour of historical homes has been held.

On June the 6th, the Grand Prix Music Country Festival will be held at Hillsboro Road, located in Franklin. This can be a great festival to attend in Williamson County if you love country music. In addition, the various singers and bands that will be playing, there will also be dancing competitions as well.

From June 7 to 11, kids will be treated to a historical week as they are able to check out the Historic Carnton Plantation. Located in Franklin, Williamson County, the special historic week camp will attempt to bring history alive for any kids that decide to attend it.

A summer art camp for kids will be held from June 7 to 9. It will be held at the First Center for the Visual Arts. And parents can send their kids to Nashville if they want their children to attend the summer arts camp.

Another kid’s event to watch out for is the Helping Kids Golf tournament. It will be held on June 14th. And will feature a best-ball scramble, with both adults and children teeing off at the Country Club of Franklin.

The Democratic Women’s’ association of Williamson county will be meeting on the 4th Saturday of this June. The association is located in downtown Franklin. And their next meeting will be held on June sixth, at six in the evening.

A benefit concert will be held on June 27. This concert is going to be held for the benefit of the Horticultural Society and also the Cheekwood Botanical garden as well. A headlining act for the benefit concert will be Mandy Barnett. She is a nationally-renowned singer-songwriter. So fans of hers can check out her benefit concert this 27th. And they will also be able to attend the concert to benefit the Cheekwood museum.