Dmca Ignored Hosting – Is this a Safe Way To Go?

The Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA) was introduced as a series of copyright laws that are both effective in the World International Property Organization (WIPO) and the United States. The DMCA can be quite challenging when it comes to its interpretation and it is often exploited to bring down the website of legitimate businesses, below is a short explanation of the relevance of copyright laws to the DMCA ignored hosting community.

The issue with copyrights complaints and DMCA

There are thousands of abuse complaints being sent to hosting companies around the globe daily. It is not an easy task to discern which complaint describe illegal activities and which complaints are just sent for the exploitation of hosting providers that do not have the necessary resources to have their clients protected. The complaints sent to hosting companies are in form of reporting legitimate contents as one that violates trademark laws or copyright laws.

The benefits to DMCA ignored hosting is that it provides peace of mind to those that do not desire to host legitimate content but are compelled to have it removed by their hosting service provider because it was demanded by someone, somewhere.

Can Firms Disregard DMCA Complaints?

A hosting provider that intend on ignoring all DMCA complaints or any copyright infringement complaints is a company that you should avoid doing business with such company. Any company that clearly informs you that is turn deaf ears to abuse complaints is operating illegally and posing a great risk to your website or business. If these companies are quite comfortable with breaking one law, do you think anything will stop them breaking another law, perhaps defraud you of your money

With all that being said there are certain steps that can be taken by hosting companies to protect the right of their clients and their rights, most especially against the number of misuses that is associated with DMCA laws and other copyright infringement complaints. In order for legit hosting providers to have you hosted on their server, your business and its content will be scrutinized for its legitimacy and validity. The will ensure that fake complaints are ignored while legit complaints are attended to in a proper manner.