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All-star player talks about school baseball

Corey Kemp one of the top school-age baseball players in the Williamson area recently chatted with the Review Appeal about his experiences playing baseball for Centennial High School.

Kemp has just signed up to play college baseball starting next season. He will be playing for Tennessee Tech University. Many people are expecting him to be selected in the first draft or Major League Entry teams. So there is a lot of expectation for the future of Corey Kemp in Professional baseball.

In last season’s various baseball games at Centennial High, Corey Kemp literally batted a .439 average. And he even hit around 9 home runs last year as well. And in addition to that amazing batting average and home run number, he had driven in while on the field, for around 40 runs. So Kemp has got a good history of baseball statistics of his play. It was certainly a baseball season to watch for, whenever Kemp was playing at Centennial High.

Centennial High is going to hold a summer basketball camp

From June the 7th to the 10th, local Centennial High will be holding a basketball camp for girls. The summer girls’ basketball camp is open to all girls who attend first to ninth grade at Centennial High. It will be held every morning at nine to noon, for those two days. Girls can go to the Centennial High gym if they wish to attend. Sign-ups for the summer basketball camp can be done in the office of the principal at Centennial High.

The girls’ basketball summer camp is open to beginners to basketball as well. The goals of the basketball camp are to teach girls the basics of playing basketball. And this includes individual tips of handling the ball on the court. Basic team play tactics will also be taught to the girls, who are attending the summer basketball camp as well.

Guardians and parents can send their kids to the summer basketball camp at Centennial High if they wish for their girls to become familiar with all of the basic rules of basketball.

Correction for a previously written news story:

In a previous news article that was written by the staff at The Williamson County Review Appeal, there was an error in the name of a softball player. Sara Bown, a softball player from Page High was not identified correctly in the softball player list for the all-county games.

The news writing staff at the Williamson County Review Appeal sincerely apologize for the mistake that was published in our paper. The correct identity of Sara Bowen has since been indicated on the player list for the all-county softball games.

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