A Look at the Features of Hoverkarts

Everyone is aware of the fact that self-balancing electric scooters or hoverboards are fun to use and they are becoming a trend. An accessory can be acquired to guarantee you double the fun you derive from the hoverboard alone. This kit will offer your hoverboard hand controls and a seat, transforming it into an electric go-kart. Contrasting to a regular hoverboard, the addition of Hoverkarts eliminate the learning curve. There is no need for balance; there is no need of getting the knack of controlling the board with your weight and your feet. All that is required is you sitting with two handlebars at your grip, and in no time, you will be scooting around.

If you intend on accelerating, the handlebars should be pushed forward, if on the other hand, you want to stop, you can pull the handlebars back. If you intend on reversing you can pull the handlebars further backward. In a matter of seconds, this accessory can be mounted on the hoverboards using elastic and Velcro straps. There is no modification made to your hoverboard, so it is still valid to be used in the conventional stand-up manner. The accessory fits all hoverboard models and adults and children can use them alike. Therefore, you make your today order so you can share in the benefit of this excellent innovation, thus getting double the fun from your hoverboard. Together with the patent-pending attachment system, Hoverkarts feature a race inspired molded seat, an adjustable seating position and an adjustable frame length for maneuvering optimally.

Product features

This transforms your self-balancing scooter into a go-kart with a seat made available. You will not experience the tedious stand-up balancing; it can be controlled easily and intuitively with the handgrips.

It fits the 10”, 8” and 6.5” hoverboards perfectly, including the models from Razor Hovertrax, Swagtron, Swagway, Sogo, Powerboard, Leray, Glyro and much more

It can easily be attached to your hoverboard in a matter of seconds and it requires no form of modification made on your hoverboard. Brake, accelerate and make a turn on a dime with intuitive and easy hand controls.